Why aren’t CMHC patients afforded the opportunity to benefit from the latest treatment innovations in research?

We all know Cancer, MS, and ALS patients are given the option to enroll in research to access the most cutting-edge treatments.

One of the only things preventing mental health patients from the benefits of participating in research is stigma.

Integrating clinical research into CMHCs is a pivotal step towards:

    • Enhancing mental health outcomes;
    • Advancing treatment parity;
    • Provide patients access to cutting-edge treatment options;
    • Removes some of the financial obstacles to that care.

Effective treatments from research-driven scientific discoveries can directly translate into practice, ensuring that mental health interventions are evidence-based, innovative, and tailored to meet the unique needs of the community.

Research empowers CMHCs to be at the forefront of mental health research, making them active contributors to the global effort to understand and improve mental health outcomes.

The Community of Practice (CoP) has been created to support CMHCs that are interested in incorporating research into their organization.

Roadmap for Integrating Research into a CMHC